Our Programs

"No Nonsense, Practical Martial Arts With Strong Martial Ethics"

Our programs are customized to meet your individual need and are self paced. Unlike many martial arts schools with ridged cookie cutter programs. We believe each person is uniuque with their own set of individual strengths and challanges. At Columbia Martial Arts Center we accent your strenghts, take them to the next level and address your opportunities for improvemnt with personlized support. 
  1. Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu
    Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu
    Wing Chun skill development as well as the cultivation of character, energy and spirit. Sparring, Forms, Chi-Sao (contact reflexes), Wooden Dummy, Dragon Pole, Butterfly swords, Iron Palm, Chi Gung, practical self defense & competition applications & training methods. Participation in regional, national & international competitions. China training tour every two years.
  2. Kids & Teens Kung Fu
    Kids & Teens Kung Fu
    Wing Chun Tigers is a specially designed program to teach kids ,life skills ,build a basic foundation for future learning. Improves focus & concentration, respect, discipline, participation in sports, awareness, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, team work, confidence and real world leadership skills. Call(410)772-3902
  3. Personal Protection 
Self Defense for Women
    Personal Protection Self Defense for Women
    Self Defense for men and women. Real world practical self defense tactics easy to learn, practical to use. Program teaches awareness, verbal deescalation techniques, develops proper reflexes, power, speed, co-ordination and stun and run tactics that can be used to save your life. (Six week class by appointment only, MUST CALL TO SCHEDULE)
  4. Sparring & Competition
    Sparring & Competition
    Sparring aides in teaching the student the timing needed in a constantly changing environment against non co-operative opponents. The students safety MUST be the primary concern when sparring. Thus, all sparring classes will be supervised with experienced trainers and done with protective gear to ensure the proper learning environment and martial ethic.
  5. Combat Conditioning
    Combat Conditioning
    Athletic skills (and ability) are important part of the martial arts training process when learning to defend oneself. Without a good level of basic fitness, the ordinary individual may struggle to defend themselves in a given confrontation. The classes are desgned to improve cardio vascular fitness, strength, agility and endurance of the practitioner.
  6. Private Instruction & Specialized Training
    Private Instruction & Specialized Training
    Private instruction is must for any student seeking to polish their skills , prepare for advancement, improve in a specific area, or simply want some focused attention. We also offer specialized corporate training packages for employees, security personnel, military, and law enforcement personnel. Please contact us to discuss your needs.